AWARDS: Review from LensCulture "Magnum Photography Awards 2016" - AimA
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AWARDS: Review from LensCulture “Magnum Photography Awards 2016”

Dear friends, I have not won, but here’s the review of my works by the team of LensCulture!


Dear Luisa,

Beautiful images, your strong ability to compose with balanced design and awareness of striking light is evident and alluring. Your most successful image is 1. It is original in content and intriguing for the viewer. One does not expect to see water coming from a spout frozen in time. All the more, the way you’ve captured it with the bit of light in the ice against a dark wall is visually appealing.

Image 5 is also very strong. The element of surprise again plays a role in your work. The shadow of the statue is unexpected and becomes the focal point rather than the statue itself.

Image 2 has a nice ambience and there is an active element to the swan in motion, but compared to your other images as a single entry is less striking- your stronger work is more that which is more unusual in content like image 1. A small notation you may wish to consider in image 2 is that the upper left side seem a bit overexposed.

It’s a pleasure to see your work- exquisite images with interesting use of light and strong shape and form. Thank you for your submission. Best of luck with your photography!

Magnum Photography Award 2016

Magnum Photography Award 2016

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