NEW PUBLICATION: poetry and music - AimA
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NEW PUBLICATION: poetry and music

JANUARY 2018: A new book of poetry by AimA is going to be published by the publisher Agorà & Co, for the section “Lo Specchio di Dioniso”.
The title is “Haiku irregolari in forma di musica” with a preface of Angelo Tonelli, (one of the best translator from ancient greek in Italy) and an introduction of Dr. Gabriella Cinti, poet and literary critic.
The book will be illustrated with eleven plates (mixed media: ink and watercolor) made by the artist Diego Cinquegrana, very deep works that schemes additional sense to the whole work.

  • LANGUAGES: italian/english
    a pdf with a french translation of the poems made by Rémi Boyer is available on request.
    Rémi Boyer
  • Pages: 100 ca, 11 plates

The poems and all the texts have been translated by Dr. Giulio Viano, poet and author of one of the best translation from english of “The Rime of the ancient mariner”and Dr. Giovanni Pieri.

The istitutional edition (the number of ISBN will soon be known) will be sell by the publisher writing at

You can find it at the internet bookshop: and

The special edition, limited in 100 copies, with an additional cd+booklet with further images
will be available directly on the website, in the section “store”. The payment method is Paypal.

The artists who worked for the cd: AIMA: Haiku irregolari in forma di musica:


Wutanes Heer: Intro -Trasmutazione dell’albero cuore

iNsCissorS: Invocazione a Sparta

Marco Milanesio: Autunno

Vinz Aquarian: Le ore silenziose

Northgate : Coldness

Gerhard Hallstatt: Agonia

Arthur Geffroy – À rebours

Miel Noir: Disgregazione temporale

Nico Guerrero: ἒν τὸ Πᾶν

Daimatland, feat. Marco Milanesio: Lux*

Daimatland: Haiku irregolari in forma di musica*

* First version of the song on the cd: AIMA | Di AimA il Segno, Show Me Your Wounds Prod.


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